At Under 1 Roof we aim to provide children with excellent care and learning in an environment that is welcoming, clean, safe and secure and in which staff members are committed, motivated and well-trained. Children also enjoy many extra facilities.


Babies Room

for 3 – 18 months

At our nurseries, the baby room can accommodate babies up to 18 months old. Cots are provided for younger babies and each child is assigned a key person who will discuss your child’s day with you at the end of each session.

Our nursery staff try to follow the routines that you have established at home and will give you daily feedback about what your baby has done during the day, their accomplishments, and their next steps.

Younger children are given plenty of stimulating activities and choices in order to get them used to the nursery environment, particularly during the settling-in period. We place great importance on providing sensitive care with a variety of experiences to promote your baby’s emotional development and understanding of their environment. All activities are structured around your baby’s individual needs and abilities in order to support their growth and development into healthy and happy children.

Toddlers Rooms

Toddlers 1: 18 – 30 months

Toddlers 2: for 2.5 – 3 years old.

In the younger group, your child will have a varied and interesting programme of play and learning. It is an exciting time in your child’s development when everything is new and interesting, and they start to explore the world around them. One of the biggest changes is in their physical development. Our nurseries are equipped with all the facilities needed to support children progress from crawling to walking and begin to use their new mobility to push and pull toys, dance and climb.

At this age, children also begin to take an interest in books, nursery rhymes and enjoy experimenting with crayons, drawing, and sensory materials. They begin to recognise patterns and shapes, and we support their learning by encouraging them to choose activities they want to do.

When your child joins the Toddlers 2 group, it is the time when we build on their developing physical skills and intellectual abilities. We therefore have active times for exercise and play and quiet times for calmer, academic activities, and speech development. We also start to introduce group activities into your child’s play. This improves concentration and language skills and enables your child to experience a wide range of new emotions and feelings.

Language comprehension develops at an increasing rate at this age, and we spend time looking at picture books and reading to children to build their vocabulary and understanding of words. We also spend more time playing and learning in groups, including role-play, to better understand other people’s feelings and to continue learning how to co-operate with others.

Children will be encouraged and supported to put their coats and shoes on when playing in the garden and use a knife and fork at mealtimes. They will go to the bathroom to wash their hands before meals. We will also encourage good table manners and always model polite language which children naturally copy by saying “please”, “thank you” and “excuse me”. Praise is always given for achievements and good behaviour to build self-esteem and confidence in children.

Preschool Room

For children 3-5

Between the ages of 3 and 5, your child’s independence and self-help grow, and they develop a stronger sense of their own identity and place in the world. The relationships they build with adult carers and, in particular, their key person, will form the basis of much of their learning at this age.

As before, you will receive daily feedback which will tell you what your child has done during the week, their achievements and next steps. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed in the diary.

Older children have a more structured programme of play and learning, which is based on preschool activities in preparation for their transition from nursery to school.

They have increased independence and are encouraged to do more for themselves, including choosing and carrying out activities and tasks, with a variety of interesting materials and toys available.

Unique learning units are available based around exciting themes which capture children’s natural curiosity. Letters and sounds are also a feature of daily play and activity.

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