At Under 1 Roof we aim to provide children with excellent care and learning in an environment that is welcoming, clean, safe and secure and in which staff members are committed, motivated and well-trained.

Fees & Funding
Our fees are as below:

We currently take Universal and 30 hours funding. We also take Together for Twos Funding. Our funding is worked out over 38 weeks of the year across 12 months to give consistent monthly payments.

All included except nappies and wipes

Full day £85
Half day £55

Non funded Monthly payment charts for typical patterns of attendance

Please note we will work out your monthly fee for your child’s attendance – the below are the most typical patterns.

Days Maths Monthly Amounts
2 full days 85 x 2 x 51 = 8,670/12 722.50
3 full days 85 x 3 x 51 =13,005  / 12 1,083.75
4 full days 85 x 4 x 51 = 17,340/12 1,445.00
5 full days 85 x 5 x 51 =21,675 /12 1,806.25
4 half days 55 x 4 x 51 = 11,220 / 12 935.00
5 half days 55 x 5 x 51 = 8,415 / 12 701.25


Any additional hours, half-days or days will be booked and invoiced separately

Adhoc full day £87
Adhoc half day £58
Adhoc hr £9


All fees are paid by direct debit on a monthly basis. £50 is taken to go on the waiting list then a £300 refundable deposit is due once a place is offered. We ask for 2 months notice to change days or to give notice to leave.

Charges do apply on bank holidays and inset days and are included in the monthly fees.

For more information; Please contact us at THE NURSERY


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