My favourite thing about the centre is the staff; Always so kind and friendly! The zone; such a wonderful calm place to sit and relax during quiet weekdays. The cafe; sweet potato fries!
I love coming to Under1Roof with Tabatha! There is something for the entire family here; from a drink and a snack in the cafe to relaxing in the zone and chatting with the staff who are truly lovely! (Don’t deny it its true!)

mum to Tabatha's age 9

We asked Polly and she loves the new Beam Game, though not as much as playing with Luke. Arthur likes the big changing table and all the colours and lights. I like the cafe (cakes and coffee),comfy sofas and the family choir. I love knowing I can relax when we visit because all the staff know Polly and there will always be someone to play and keep an eye on her. She has independence to play and explore on her own me always holding her hand. I love that I can go to the loo and knowing someone will look after Arthur. Polly is still talking about the 1st birthday party she had!

Tamasin Rhymes
mum to Polly (age 6) and Arthur (4 months old)

My name is Abhinav and I’m 6 years old. I’ve been coming here since the time it opened. My favourite thing about Under 1 Roof is that it’s fun, creative and imaginative. Lots of places to explore. I love Under 1 Roof! It’s the best!

6 years old

My name is Polly, I’m 6 years old and I come here with my brother Arthur, he’s 4 months old. I have been coming here since Under 1 Roof opened. My favourite things are the Beam, the ballet and the family choir. This is the best place I’ve been in my whole life!

age 6

Took my 5 year old son for the first time last weekend, so much to do tokeep little ones entertained. We went for the afternoon but could easilystay there all day with so much to do, my son didn’t want to come away(we were the last to leave ha!) Can’t believe I only found out about thisplace last weekend, it’s a hidden gem!! The staff were amazing, verywelcoming and friendly. There’s a lovely cafe which caters for kids andadults alike and the toilets kept nice and clean too. Looking forward togoing back soon!

Elaine Rogers
mum to 5 year old

We went to under 1 roof for the first time last Saturday and myself and my boys absolutely loved it. Have a 5, a 3 and a 11 month old and there was something for them all to do which is rare for me to find.
They were so friendly and helped if we needed them. Going back today to do the crafts and things we didn’t do can’t wait

Lauren Russell
mum to a 5 & 3Yr and an 11 months old

I have just come back from under 1 roof. We have honestly had the best time today. The kids absolutely loved every minute. The food was beautiful with lovely service and very friendly, I will definitely be returning as soon as we can.

Shay Shay

My daughter is a regular here for her ballet class(baby ballet) and I really love it. It’s a lovely place in the heart of Woolwich and well organised too.You can have your kids birthday parties there, etc. Today we took the kids to see Santa Claus and I was really amazed with their Father Christmas settings. The children had a little fun right in the Santa compound before seeing Santa in his grotto. Well done guys!!!

Charlotte Abiodun-Bankole

I’ve been a regular visitor since Under1roof opened and I have continued to be amazed at how hard they work to provide fun, entertainment,services and education for children. My daughters are 2 and 7 and this has been an absolute blessing in our lives. We’ve had a cake made at Funfetti, hair cut and styled at Shortcuts, eaten (& eaten & eaten) in Menagerie, used every single room available in the centre and attended shows in the theatre and the main space. This is an asset to Woolwich!

Ngozi Nnatuanya
mum to a 2 yr & a 7 yr old.

This place is absolutely amazing … My 4 year old daughter was struggling with confidence and after a couple of casual visits I can see a positive change in her … Whole birthday event was a big hit we just loved it … The manager and the staff are amazing And so are the performers I cannot recommend this place enough 5 stars from us and a massive thank you

Fizza Zafar
mum to a 4 yr old

A fantastic place! Entertains my 3 year old for hours at a time. I have to give a big shout out to the hairdressers for her patience with a boy who does not like his hair touched. A fantastic haircutting experience.

Pippa Ashford
mum to a 3 yr old

Just want to say a big thank you, I love doing my parties here and am always well looked after .
Everything was beautiful, you are all so very organised and make me feel at ease. Thanks again 😃

Elif Muzaffer
Mum to a 5 yr old