EL1…For Fancy Memories
EL1 is moving location within Under 1 Roof, and they’re having a stock clearance of 50% off everything!
Shop will move upstairs to an office. Dont miss out on the bargain!


EL1 has all your party decoration needs! Located here, Under 1 Roof, this shop has cute and lovely designs for children’s parties and general decor. These products can be used for children’s birthdays, baby showers, engagements, and even for newborn baby hospital rooms! They supply a wide range of eye-catching décor and party supplies that you’re sure to love. Come over to Under 1 Roof and browse their amazing selection.

You can find them on Instagram: el1.forfancymemories, and follow them on FACEBOOK. 

Shortcuts is a children’s hair salon, designed and catered for children between the ages of 6 months to teens, although we do cut adult hair too.

Combining high quality haircuts, the latest styles and most importantly, a stress free environment for both children and parents. We even offer a varied selection of DVD’s and the Playstation for older children too.

From fun interior decor to the friendly and specifically trained stylists, children and parents absolutely love shortcuts.

Our salon is nice and bright, modern and totally geared to giving children and parents a positive memorable experience.

Call us 0208 855 5655  Or EMAIL SHORTCUTS

Crafty Pear
Our hand made designs for babies and young children are made to order. You choose the style and fabrics and we do the rest, hand finishing every garment and delivering it to your door. Children know what they like to wear and how they want to look. But they also like to use their clothes as napkins and overalls. Our fabrics stand up to the rigours in every little one’s day. After all, it’s no good if you can’t play in your special dress or dungarees. And when something gets spilled or you simply fancy a change, our reversible clothes give you a whole new look to work with. How do we decide what goes in our range? We say, make what makes you happy and see where the journey takes you.

Visit their WEBSITE, Like them on FACEBOOK, and follow them on TWITTER.

Birdie & Me
Whether it be a pair of bronze baby feet, bronzed baby shoes, your baby’s tiny hands and feet as a silver pendant, or a  sculpture of you and your loved one’s hands entwined, we can make you the perfect personal piece to capture the most precious of times.
Our aim is to provide you with a truly unique keepsake at an affordable price.  We will capture every crease fold and wrinkle and preserve it in a beautiful frame for you to cherish forever.
Opening times: Tuesday to Thursday & Sunday: 11AM-2PM, Saturday: 11AM-4PM.

Prince & Princess Pre-Loved

Pre-loved and new clothes for up to 9 years. Hair bows, spanish socks, and even branded clothing. Shoes, birthday crowns and more. Email tubridyl@yahoo.co.uk for more info.