Schools can come along for one off visits, weekly lessons, half termly courses or bespoke theatre productions. Our talented teachers are able to tailor their lesson plans for whichever subjects or books your children are currently studying.

What’s more, our popular Outreach Programme means if you can’t come to us, we can come to you. Please contact our Education Officer: to see how we can help enrich the learning for your school.

“You… are able to use your inspirational space to give children some memorable experiences and enhance their learning.” Assistant Head teacher, Cardwell Primary School

Drama for KS1 and KS2 

At Under 1 Roof, your class has the opportunity to work in a professional studio theatre with our experienced actors and teachers. Tell us the books you are studying in school or about your history, geography or PSHE topics and we’ll tailor make a 1 hour or half day drama workshop to suit your needs and learning objectives. Our workshops use drama techniques to help us explore and extend the story or topic including:

*Forum theatre          *Hot seating

*Still images               *Facilitator in role

*Thought tracking      *Soundscape

*Improvisation            *Mime

*Physical Theatre

Where relevant, we introduce a story sack with props and costumes to capture the children’s imagination and enable character development. Our workshops are fast paced with plenty of games, physical activities and fun to make the class feel relaxed, creative and confident enough to fully participate in the session.

Drama for EYFS

For younger children we work in partnership with the award winning Theatre Tots. Theatre Tots share our strong belief in the value of drama as an essential means of developing children’s imagination, language skills and confidence – whilst having lots of fun!

Theatre Tots interactive shows and workshops are specifically designed for Early Years Foundation Stage. They are flexible and adaptable. You can choose from our existing list of themes or we can design a bespoke workshop to fit in with the work you are doing in class.

The themes currently available are:

*Pirates                *Jungle

*Circus                 *Round the World

* Space                 *Witches and Wizards

*Under the Sea    *Dinosaur Christmas

*Country and Western

“[Your teacher] is absolutely fab, we love her. We had an Ofsted inspector in and he said she was very charismatic and had all the children completely and totally engaged for all of the sessions. He was very impressed.”
Mouse House Nursery, Clapham, London

And remember, if you can’t come to us our outreach team can come to you. For more information or to make a booking, please contact our education officer:

Music for KS1 and KS2
We have a bespoke Music Room at Under 1 Roof and work in partnership with Stretto Music to deliver specialist music provision for schools. Our Music classes focus on live, creative music making, using a range of different instruments to provide the highest quality music teaching in line with the national curriculum music attainment targets for Key Stages 1 and 2.
We focus on:

*Pitch             *Rhythm*Notation       *Ensemble playing

*Singing          *Performance skills

We use tuned and untuned instruments such as; Ukuleles, Xylophones, Percussion, Recorders and Ocarinas as part of our music sessions each week. Our musicians also perform live in sessions to facilitate musical understanding and appreciation.

According to your requirements we can run ½ day, 1 day, 6 week or 12 week courses.

We can also provide twilight CPD sessions for teachers.

For EYFS we work with the award winning musicians at Boppin Bunnies using instruments, rhythm, songs, body percussion and dance moves to stretch musical understanding and develop listening skills. Our music sessions include:

Counting Songs – developing numeracy skills
Movement, Dancing & Action Songs – develops physical coordination, spatial awareness, balance skills
Playing Instruments – developing co-ordination and rhythm
Listening & Observation to Live Musical Performances – developing listening and observation skills
Circle & Parachute Songs – working as a team, developing gross motor and locomotor skills.
Lullabies & Teddies – using props to encourage calm moments and quieter musical experiences.
Puppet Songs – interacting as part of a group and responding to stimuli
Unaccompanied Singing & Singing accompanied with Live Instruments – experiencing new instruments and finding our voices.

And remember, if you can’t come to us our outreach team can come to you. For more information or to make a booking, please contact our education officer:

Children's Parliament
Ever wanted to take on the government? Now’s the chance!
Under 1 Roof are delighted to be launching their Children’s parliament. We are looking for talented KS2 children to join our team to plan and implement key events at Under 1 Roof in Woolwich.
Next session
Parliament is next in session in the Autumn term from September – December. We are currently looking for new junior MPs and would love to hear from anyone who is interested! The first project is to plan and put on a Christmas event for the local community. To talk further please contact
Martial Arts
Martial Arts for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2
Our team of specialist teachers and sportspeople at Under 1 Roof offer high quality, physically demanding martial arts sessions for EYFS, Key Stages 1 and 2 based on key developmental skills including:
Focus – develops listening, concentration and aim for physical activities
Teamwork – encourages leadership, being able to work together and making new friends
Control – helps children make the right decision both mentally and physically
Balance – helps prevent injury, improves posture and confidence
Memory – increases confidence and ability in tests and exams
Discipline – improves behaviour, respect and enforces Black Belt Attitude
Fitness – having a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically results in more focussed and productive children
Co-ordination – an important factor in all physical activities that helps prevent injury.
Our fully equipped gymnasium will enable pupils to improve their health and fitness and become physically confident in martial arts. According to your requirements we can run ½ day, 1 day, 6 week or 12 week courses. We also offer a bespoke Heathy Lifestyle programme where pupils review and improve their diet and fitness, increase their wellbeing and tackle some of the causes of childhood obesity. Plus we have developed a series of interactive workshops to help educate children about Danger Awareness, Conflict Avoidance and Anti-Bullying. And remember, if you can’t come to us our outreach team can come to you. For more information or to make a booking, please contact our education officer:

Outreach programme
The Under 1 Roof Outreach Programme

If you can’t come to us, we can come to you! We understand that the school day is usually very busy and sometimes arranging a class trip becomes logistically complicated. If you don’t have time to come into Under 1 Roof but would still like to benefit from our service, our outreach team of actors, musicians and sports people are also available to come into your school. This enables us to work with multiple classes or groups of children during a ½ or full day session. Our outreach team can provide:

  • Drama workshops based on whichever book or topic you are studying in class
  • Music workshops based around a musical genre or concept of your choice
  • Martial Arts lessons which will help children develop discipline and control

To find out more, or make a booking, please contact our education officer:

Special Education Needs
For schools: The state of the art facilities at Under 1 Roof are all available for EYFS, Key Stages 1 and 2 pupils with special educational needs and can be booked for exclusive use by groups and classes.Our provision includes:
• The Children’s Theatre – where we can offer Autism Friendly performances and BSL interpreted productions
• The Sensory Room – equipped with multimedia and multi-sensory resources to stimulate learning and development
• The BEAM -interactive floor games to encourage communication, teamwork and cause and effect. Our experienced staff can run bespoke sessions in any of the spaces for you or you can hire a room to teach your own lessons in. We have a range of specialists who can work with individual pupils, small groups or families during school hours, after school or at weekends as needed.For more information, or to make a booking, please contact our education officer: education@under1roofkids.comFor parents: Under 1 Roof strives to provide an engaging, inspiring, and safe space for children of all abilities. We are a judgment free zone where parents are free to be parents and kids are free to be kids.

Our staff have been trained through the Greenwich Autism Outreach Service and work to be accommodating to the needs of all our visitors. Does your child need a space to escape? We always have a chill out space available for that purpose on our second floor.

Our sensory room is available to hire for a set fee of £25 per hour and can accommodate up to 8 children/babies and their parents/carers. Why not get a group of family or friends together and share the £25 cost?

The wide-open space at Under 1 Roof is easily accessible with no steps from the street and a pink ‘Big Ben’ lift that can be used to get up to the second floor. We also have disabled parking immediately outside our entrance. For more information, or to make a booking, please contact our education officer:

SEN friendly mornings

Join us on Tuesdays in June and July for our new pilot program: SEN Friendly Mornings. During the hours of 10-12, the usual £5 charge for soft play will also include access to our sensory room.

In addition to our usual services, a member of staff will offer a free 15-minute Music and Movement session at 11am on the main stage. We will have visiting professionals each week starting at 11:30am to offer advice and answer questions.

In an aim to make our centre more accommodating, stimuli throughout Under 1 Roof will be reduced on these mornings. Music volume will be lowered, hand dryers will be turned off, and we will limit the number of children in the soft play and sensory room areas. We have break out space available for families in the Zone or the Theatre as necessary.

For more information, or to make a booking, please contact our education officer:

Hiring our Spaces
With such inspiring spaces available at Under 1 Roof you may be interested in hiring one of our rooms to teach your own lessons in or perhaps our Theatre or Atrium to stage your own productions.
For more information, or to make a booking, please contact our education officer: