Karaoke Room Hire

Come sing Under 1 Roof! Our music room can be hired as a Karaoke room which you can use to sing your favourite songs!

Our Karaoke room is NOW OPEN, and we invite you come and sing to your hearts content! This Christmas, we’re offering £249 price for 2 hours of singing fun. Included in this price is 6 bottles of Prosecco and a finger buffet! These events are mainly for adults, for the moment, but in time you’ll be able to bring your kids for karaoke sessions too! In fact, bring your family and friends 🙂

Find out more by contacting us: 020-3247-4417.

It Began With A Simple Idea

Here at Under 1 Roof, we want families to enjoy all the different activities and attractions they could find in different places, right here. Especially during the festive season, people love to sing. Be it Christmas sing-alongs, or their favourite pop song. So we thought: why not bring Karaoke to Under 1 Roof as well? We let our staff sing to test things out, and we had a lot of fun!

(You can also find this video on our Facebook page)

Of course, we like to think we’re good at it, but what about you? We’d love to see you sing in our Karaoke room, and we’d love to see you share it! When you come to our Karaoke room, get someone to record your performance and you can upload it to Facebook and/or YouTube. Then, be sure to post it on Facebook and/or Twitter, tagging Under 1 Roof in the message, and we’ll give you a like, and maybe even a share!

For more information on our other room hire services, visit Our Rooms page.

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