We can travel to soft play areas, leisure centres and classes. We know there are great activities and services all over London. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to put it all together in one big children’s urban oasis?


This is a completely unique centre for families and children, and we’re based in Royal Arsenal in Greenwich, not far from Woolwich town centre! Not only can you book classes, sessions, therapies, private parties and holiday activities, you can stop for a coffee, meet with friends, have a family breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just a slice of home-made cake in the play-cafe. You could get your children’s hair cut, shop for toys and gifts, make arts and crafts, and order a bespoke birthday cake and party supplies, by visiting our many retail services. All the jobs that have parents chasing all over town is housed together in one exciting place.

Under 1 Roof is somewhere you can come with a friend, the family, the kids or just you and baby and you know you’ll come away feeling good. Everyone there has one thing in common, and that’s parenthood and/or caring for children. Be it first-timers or the most experienced, we all need company and somewhere to relax knowing the children are safe, happy and having fun. Often, parents make friends here as much as the children do, as conversations and laughter spontaneously occur.


On weekends and school holidays, bring your older children (up to 11yrs) and let them check out our over 5’s provisions. This is an area full of many fun games that will keep them active and interacting, and they’ll want to come back!

7 days a week, we offer The BEAM, which is an interactive floor game where we mix the love of gaming with the enjoyment of running around. For £3, children aged 5-11 years can keep fit playing a football game beamed down from the ceiling. That’s just one of over 15 different games. Intrigued?  Come down and see! This game zone also contains a basketball game, a racing arcade machine, and a dancing arcade machine, all of which are pay-per-play, and the kids won’t get enough of it.

Come and see for yourself, and let the children be the judges.


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